What is a White Label app?

A white label app is your very own app with your branding on the app stores. This is particularly great for strengthening your studio's brand awareness.

Here is an example of what your white label app will look like on the app stores.

How much is the white label app and what is the difference between this and the Premium plan?

The White Label plan is $49 a month billed annually ($588). There is a one time $199 set up fee for us to build your app.

With a White Label, you have all of the features of the Premium plan, but with additional perks. The most apparent difference is that you have your own logo branding and your name on the app stores. 

Additionally, White Labels have lower payment processing rates (2.75% + 0¢ for in-person credit card rates and 2.9% + 55¢ for keyed-in card payments for White Labels, versus 2.9% + 0¢ and 3.15% + 55¢, respectively, for Premium plans). 

White Labels also have five open API and Zapier integrations versus Premium's two each. 

Lastly, a White Label plan will take additional time to develop and launch. Customers on the White Label plan will start building out their system using the MyStudio app on the App Store, and after their branded app is coded, they will switch over to their White Label app. 

Meanwhile, Premium plans can be fully launched virtually immediately with the MyStudio app, upon signing up and setting up.

Pricing information about the different plans can be found here.

Will my data synchronize when my members move from the MyStudio App to my White Label?

All data is synced between the MyStudio App and your White Label. Please ensure that your members are using the same unique studio app code when logging in.

Do I need to be registered as a corporation to have a Company Organization Developer account? 

Yes, you must be a registered corporation, such as LLC, C or S Corp in order to enroll as a Company Organization account so we can upload and maintain updates to your app.

I misplaced my White Label checklist email. What are the steps again to get my White Label set up?

Please refer to this article for setting up your White Label. 

I'm having trouble getting a correct DUNS number. Who should I contact?

Please reach out to applecs@dnb.com and appdeveloper@dnb.com. Let them know that you are trying to set up your Apple developer account and you need an up to date DUNS number to complete the application process.

If you are having a difficult time getting a response or movement at that email and if your business is in the United States, then please reach out to D&B customer service at 866 584 0283.

If your business is in the United Kingdom, please reach out to UK D&B customer service at 08082785204.

How much does it cost to have an Apple and Google developer account?

Apple charges a $99 recurring annual fee. Google charges a $25 one time fee.

What are the app artwork requirements?

Artwork requirements can be found here.

Can I complete the app artwork myself or have my graphics artist do this?

Yes, you can certainly handle the app artwork yourself. If there are any issues with your app artwork, this can delay your app submission significantly. To avoid this, we recommend these artists as their cost is very reasonable and they are very familiar with our process.

Dennis Sucgang: mdsucgang@gmail.com
Adam Spicar: adamspicar@gmail.com

Where do I upload my app artwork?

You should have received a link to your Google Drive Folder. If you did not receive this, then please send an email to support@mystudio.academy to request it again.

How can I transfer my Apple app to MyStudio?

Please see the instructions on how to transfer your app to us here.

Here is the information you will need to transfer your app over.

How can I transfer my Google Android app to MyStudio?

There is no need to transfer your app from Google. Simply unpublish your Google app with the instructions found here.

How long does it take to get my app live?

Once you have your developer accounts shared and app artwork submitted, turnaround time is 2 weeks.

Why is my app not appearing on the app store search?

It may take a certain number of downloads before your app is searchable on the app stores. In the meantime, provide your members with the app direct download links that we provided you. If you cannot find these links, please reach out to us at support@mystudio.academy or by clicking on the chat icon on the bottom right of your screen.

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