Easily Delete a Customer from your All Customers section!

Either search for a specific member or go to Additional Users or App Users and select the customers you wish to delete:


  • Deleting a customer can not be undone!

  • You can only delete customers that do not have registration attached to them (App Users) or Additional Users.

Learn more about how to delete a participant here!

When deleting an App User (a user who has logged into your app but has no registrations associated with their account) you will see this message:

When deleting an additional user, you will receive this message:

After deleting an Additional User, all of their previous registrations will be moved to the primary buyer profile they were associated with.

Learn more about merging accounts and additional users here!

If you try and delete a Customer with existing registrations, you will receive an error message:

For these customers, you can either disable their accounts or merge their accounts to delete the unwanted buyer profiles.

Here is a video overview of this feature:

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