Seamlessly enroll prospective members into your trials program and track key metrics to see how well the program is performing.

We designed TRIALS to work seamlessly with your website, the URL's generated when setting up options act as landing/registration pages for your customers to easily enroll online wherever these URL's are embedded or shared.  

  • After creating your Trial Options in MyStudio and publishing them LIVE. Trial options will show up on your mobile app instantly. 

  • Copy the Trial Option List URL or the specific Trial Option URL from your MyStudio dashboard to start sharing, integrating, marketing however you see fit - Integrate into your website. Embed in a message or email campaign. 
  • Customers can also access Trial options from your
    Point of Sale system in MyStudio (See Point of Sale article for more details)

  • Work with your web developer to create a THANK YOU page that your website will be directed to once they register for a Trial. Add your Google analytics code and Facebook pixel to this page, to track your marketing campaign's effectiveness.
  • Once this page is created, you can easily add the THANK YOU page URL into your Trial program set up within MyStudio to automate this process.

Sample thank you page

Insert THANK YOU page URL as seen here

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