**Please note: If the membership is currently "On Hold" status. You must first update to Active status, save, then follow the steps below to cancel/terminate the membership. 

Edit a members status from active to cancel or use the on hold feature. See steps and images below.

  1. Click "Memberships" from your control panel dashboard menu on the left side.
  2. Search for member in your active list
  3. Click on buyer name to load profile

4. Click "Edit" button from the window in the 'Membership Details" tab

5. When you click "edit" a new menu will populate to the right hand side of your screen. Click the pencil icon next to "Status" to edit.

6. Edit to "Cancel" to terminate the membership and cancel any future payments. 

Note: You can schedule a cancellation from here if you wish to collect one last final payment or need to defer their cancellation to a future date for any reason. 




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