1. Click "Add Trigger" from the Zapier Integration screen

2. Choose Add Zapier Catch Hook

3. Add a name for the integration and click the "Add Lead" check box option

4. Log into Zapier in another window, click "Add New Zap"

5. Type in Webhooks to select Webhooks by Zapier

6. Select Catch Hook 

7. Ignore the next option and click Continue

8. Copy the Zapier URL

9. Go back to MyStudio and paste the Zapier URL into MyStudio, and click "Create Zap"

10. Click "Send Sample" from the newly created Trigger to send sample data to Zapier.

11. Select the sample data that is pulled into Zapier and click "Continue"

12. Choose a platform that you'll like new Leads from MyStudio to be sent to

13. Follow the directions that are provided for the platform that you selected

14. Map the data fields by using the sample data that was sent to Zapier, by clicking on the drop down menu for each field that is required/available for the platform you want to connect with

15. And BOOM! Any new lead that is entered or imported into MyStudio will now immediately passed into the connected platform 

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