Want to set up Summer Camps but don’t quite know how to get started? Check out our Summer Camps Template!

Go to Events > Add Event > Choose Template > Summer Camps (Use This Template).

This template will go to your Drafts Tab. Click the Edit Icon to change the details in the event.

In the Details Section, you can change the title, the image, and description. Use the URL Link to advertise your event on your Website or on Social Media.

In the Event Dates Section, you can add multiple events to display each week for your summer camp. 

Click the pencil icon on any week (multiple event date) that you have created to edit the information within each week.

Edit the dates, time, price, and capacity of how many can register.

There is also a URL link for each week if you want to advertise the weeks separately.

In the Payment Section, you can set up payment plans and discount codes.

The Payment Plans will only show to a member when either the total cost of the order, or the quantity of the order is exceeded. You can then add a deposit amount and the number of payments they will pay. 

When members meet this plan’s requirement, they are given the option to use the plan or pay in full in the check out.

When they select a Payment Plan, they will receive receipt of purchase and the dates of their next payments in a confirmation email.

In the Registration section (Step 4) , you can add fields for your members to fill out. Choose which fields will be a requirement for the Member to be required to give information like allergies, belt rank, etc before clicking register.

In the Waiver section, place your terms and agreement in this section. The member will need to click the clickwrap agreement to this before they pay/register. 

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