1. Navigate to our Zapier Integration screen and click "Add Trigger"

2. Add a Retrieve Poll Trigger. This option will transfer lead information to other platforms every 10-15 minutes.

3. Copy the URL and open up Zapier in a new window

4. Click "Make a Zap!"

5. Type "Webhooks" into the search bar to select Zapier Webhooks

6. Select "Retrieve Poll"

7. Paste the URL that was copied from MyStudio here

8. Navigate back to MyStudio to copy the API Header information

9. Paste that information here

10. If there are Lead information in your Lead list, Zapier will automatically pull samples from there.

If your lead list is empty, manually add an individual lead in MyStudio to test the Zapier connection. Once lead is successfully added, select one sample and click Continue

11. Pick a platform you would like newly added Leads from MyStudio to be transferred to, and follow the corresponding directions.

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