1. You can edit a retail order and process refund from the Retail's Fulfillment center

2. All of the order's notes are shown in the Order History section (#1). Click "Edit order" to make changes and refund (#2).

3. Change quantity for each line item (#1) to see a preview of the changes in subtotal (#2), new total that is due (#3), refund amount, and note that will be placed on the order history (#4)

4. Clicking "Process Change" will take you to confirmation screen

5. Click "Yes" to process order edit and refund. Item status will now show as "Cancelled" in the fulfillment center. And refund amount will also show in the Payment center of the Home Screen.

This will also show in your Payments section of the control panel > Payment History >Change "All categories" to "Retail" > Search "refund" or the buyers name.

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