1. Click on the "Fulfillment" tab to view your fulfillment dashboard

  • #1 - filter by all, unfulfilled, or cancelled orders
  • #2 - displays the date the order was made
  • #3 - clicking on customer name will take you to the order detail
  • #4 - shows the item that customer ordered
  • #5 - clicking here will allow you to change the status of fulfillment for the orderĀ 
  • #6 - quickly search customer name or product that was ordered
  • #7 - export a list of all items and the fulfillment status

2. Clicking on "Unfulfilled" status will allow you to fulfill the order, with an optional note.

3. Fulfillment note for that item will be noted in the Order History. You can also "Undo fulfillment" if needed -- a use case would be when user returns the product because it does not fit, and the other size is not yet available.

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