If your app has been rejected because Apple or Google could not sign in with the proper login credentials to review your app, you will need to create a demo account on your member app.

1. Open up your member app and ensure that you are logged out.
2. Select studio member log in
3. Select I'm a new User
4. Type in your studio code
5. Select Create a username
6. For first name type 'Developer', last name 'Review'
7. For username type anything here. For example: applereview1
8. Choose a password
9. Type in your email and phone number

Now that you have created a demo sample account for Apple or Google to use to review your app, you need to provide this information to Apple and Google.

For Apple, log in to Apple App Store Connect at https://appstoreconnect.apple.com

1. On the lefthand menu, select the rejected app. There should be a red circle next to the rejected name.

2. Scroll to the bottom to App Review Information and provide the new demo login details here:
— Select 'Studio member log in'
— Select 'Sign in'
— For studio code, type 'ENTER STUDIO CODE HERE'
— For username, type 'ENTER DEMO USERNAME' and password type 'ENTER DEMO PASSWORD'
3. Then submit for review. 

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