1. Click "Settings" from the Point of Sale tab to start the set up of your system.

Our system will record the payment type on your payment dashboard.

Leave it unchecked if you do not want users to be pay via cash or check.

Click Save to immediately update your Point of Sale settings.

3. For Miscellaneous charges, choose whether or not you would like to pass the credit card processing fees on to your customers, or if you would like to absorb it.

There are no processing charges for cash or check transactions.

4. Click on "Modify misc sales agreement" if you would like for customers to accept a term of sales for Miscellaneous charges. Leave it blank if none is needed.

5. For the "Request info" section -- which works great for new customer walk ins, or for getting lead information from events -- choose whether or not you would like for these leads to immediately receive your lead email campaigns (for more info on this, click here)

6. Launch the POS system by clicking on the "Launch" button from the dashboard, or simply copying the URL to launch it on any tablet or mobile device.

7. The Staff POS system will have the ability for you to quickly pull up customer payment information, we do not recommend allowing members to be able to access this section -- as there are private customer information along with their payment info that they will be able to access.

8. The Public POS system is great for kiosk set up and customer use.

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