Easily register members for memberships with the option to take in-person cash or check payments through our Point of Sale system. 

  1. Properly set up your Point of Sale system to take in-person cash and checks. Follow the directions provided here.

2. Launch Point of Sale system

3. Click on memberships to access your membership option, and follow the on screen instructions for enrollment.

4. At the check out screen, simply select "Cash" or "Check" as the payment option for customer.

5. When customers brings payment to the studio. Click on the members name from Memberships 

6. Click on Payment Details and "Apply Payment Credit" from the membership's profile for the scheduled payment

7. Select "Cash" or "Check" from the drop down selection

8. If no Payments are applied to the bill by the scheduled due date, you will see this transaction appear your "Past Due" Payments tab for easy tracking.

NOTE: You will also be able to view pat due payments from within the payment detail section of the buyers name.

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