Before your White Label App goes live, Apple needs to get access to your app to review it. Please follow the steps below to create your Demo App Login credentials, which you will then specify on your Control Panel.

STEP 1     Go to your mobile device, open the MyStudio app, and select Studio member log in

STEP 2     Select I'm a new user

STEP 3     Enter your studio code, which can be found in your Control Panel > on the left hand menu.

STEP 4     Select Create User Account

STEP 5     Create a user account and password
—  For First Name, type Developer
—  For Last Name, type Review
—  Choose a demo username and password for the Apple reviewer to use
—  For email, type

_ For Phone number , type a fictional number : 1235553232

STEP 6     Navigate back to  > Login  > My Account  > Custom App Setup  >  App Store Information  >  Add the Demo Account / password you just created.

To go to your next steps within your Google Developer information CLICK HERE!

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