MyStudio's resource section allows the ability for you to easily link recorded instructional videos for immediate member access.

Our unlimited 2-way mobile messaging platform will also allow you to quickly and effectively send out messages to let them know when videos are available. As well as to continue one-to-one communication with members as they learn online.

1) Record and edit daily instruction videos that you would like to share with members. Here are some best practices for creating an effective fitness instructional video:

2) Upload the video to Vimeo or Youtube. 

3) Click on the Resource / Curriculum section of the MyStudio platform.

4) Create an Online Classes or Learning section. Then create subsections for each of your recorded online classes.  

5) Be sure to share the embed link. This will keep your members within MyStudio and will not direct them out of the app.

6) Your members can access these videos immediately via their native app on a mobile device, or log into their app account via their computer or tv using any internet browser -- via your web app link.

7) Upon logging into their account, members will be able to easily access your online class content. 

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