1. Compose an email easily from the quick email shortcut from dashboard. 

2) This will open up our new email editor.

**Note: Email subject lines can be customizable to each recipient. 

The email will be personalized to each recipient when you use place holders!

3) To create a template, click into the Communications button.

Then the "Templates" button. Click "Add Templates" to add a template.

4) To see sent email history. Click on "Sent"

Clicking on each sent email will show details of each recipient, the email content, and real time open or click action.

***Note: You will only see 15 days of history in the sent emails section. This is for WhiteLabel and Premium accounts only. This includes:
 — Email automation.
— Push messaging that include email.
— Custom campaigns.

5) While writing your email, our system will automatically save a draft of your email every couple of minutes. It will be stored in the Drafts button.

6) You can also schedule a time for each email to be sent. These scheduled email can be edited by clicking on the "Scheduled" button.

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