Use Acuity links to give your members a place to schedule a 1 on 1, or group lesson with you, or any of your instructors. You can set up multiple calendars and easily manage these calendars within Acuity. 

*To have multiple calendars within acuity you will need to have a “Growing Business” account or higher. You can set up one calendar with a free account or “Emerging Entrepreneur” account.

To set up your calendars on Acuity, follow these instructions:

From the home page click “Availability” in the business settings of the left hand menu bar > Calendars > Add New Calendar.

Edit your calendar name, add the email address you want appointment confirmations to be sent to, add an image, and paste your Zoom room meeting link within the location section.

Click “Next: Add Appointment Types & Hours”

And Client Scheduling Limits

If you have several staff members using different Zoom links, you will need to add different calendars for each staff member. Add their specific Zoom room link in the “location” section of that calendar settings.

To access your Zoom room meeting link login to your Zoom account > Profile > Copy the link underneath “Personal Meeting ID”

After you set up your availability settings in your Acuity, you will need to set up appointment types. This is to show what kind of options this calendar has. For example within 1 on 1 sessions you may only offer 15 min sessions and 30 minute sessions. 

To create a new appointment types follow these instructions:

From the home page click “Appointment types” > “New Type of Service”. 

You can add appointment types to the calendars you have, set duration of the meeting time, add pictures and adjust the access of the calendar links.

Once you have made the appropriate adjustments, click “Create appointment type”.

To add the Acuity scheduling link within your curriculum section of MyStudio go to your home page. On the left hand menu bar underneath “Client Scheduling Page” click “Scheduling page link”. Toggle the “General Scheduling page” menu bar down and choose either a calendar or appointment type. Click Copy.

You can take that link and paste it within the “Add youtube or Vimeo URL here if applicable” section of your curriculum within your MyStudio control panel.

Be sure to check "Open in new window".

This will allow your members will be able to click on that curriculum section and will be directed to a scheduling page.

**Important to note that if you have a free Acuity account and IF your apple members are unable to view calendar links from within the mobile app, you will need to upgrade to a paid plan within acuity. If you do not wish to upgrade your Acuity plan, send your MyStudio Web-App link to those members. They will be able to access the calendar links from within your curriculum on Web App.

Or paste it within a group message, push message through Communications > Mobile Messages > Message all users

Through Memberships > Members > Active > Select all members > Group email or > Group push message

Or you can share the acuity links within Social media: Facebook, Instagram, Etc.

Your members will be able to click on that link and will be directed to a scheduling page.

Where they can choose a time, enter their name, phone number, and email address.

Once they “Complete Appointment” they will be taken to a confirmation page where they can add to their icalendar or google calendar.

They will also receive a confirmation email that is automated by Acuity.

This automated email can be edited from your Acuity to add a personal touch. 

From the home page click “Email settings” from the business settings of the left hand menu bar. Be sure to leave all text that looks like this: “%____%”

Once members have made appointments, you will be able to view these appointments within “Appointments” > “Appointment Calendar” on the left hand menu bar.

If you want more information on how to set up and manage your acuity account, please click here!

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