1. Click the "Resource" section to get started. You can also rename this section by clicking on the pencil icon. 

2) Click on "Settings" to customize view restrictions for each Resource Section.

3) Using the "All" option will allow any Active Membership or Trial member to access this Resource section.

If a Membership status is Paused or Cancelled, the user will not be able to access the section.

If a Trial status is in "Did not start", "Enrolled", or "Cancelled", the user will not be able to access the section.

4) The "Custom restrictions" setting will allow you to restrict access to membership programs -- including membership options within those program.

5) If you choose "Yes" to hide the section from those who do not have access, the resource section will be hidden to that user. If you choose "No", unauthorized users will see this message when they click on that resource section:

Which will give users the opportunity to purchase a program from your membership or trial section that will give them access.

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