Easily launch your POS from a tablet, phone, laptop or desktop!

NOTE: TO have POS running on one device and Check in on another please make sure you have multiple staff accounts set up!

Launch the POS system by clicking on the "Rocketship" button from the dashboard, or simply copy the URL to launch it on any tablet or mobile device.

Staff POS

Quickly search and auto populate customer payment information. We do not recommend allowing your members to view this section as there is private customer information like their address.

The Staff POS allows you to easily apply discounts for your members.

Public POS

  1.  The Public POS system is great for kiosk set up and customer use on a tablet or computer. It does not auto populate or bring up private customer information. This allows you to launch your POS on a mobile device or tablet and have your members set up for easy check out.

You can also have your Public POS just set to request more info, so when potential customers come into your school they can easily request more info!

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