The Attendance Portal allows you to go into kiosk mode and quickly check-in students for attendance.

Launch Attendance Portal

Simply go Operations > Attendance and click "Launch Attendance Check In Portal" to get started:

You can also copy your attendance portal URL by clicking the "clipboard" button:

This will open your Attendance Portal in a new tab.

Lock the Attendance Portal

Lock your menu (so it stays in kiosk mode) by clicking on the three-bar menu in the upper left-hand corner. Then click Lock Menu.

Enter your MyStudio login credentials and then your Attendance Portal will be locked!

Attendance Check-In

Use the search bar to search for a specific member or simply scroll through your students.

You can also return to the upper left-hand menu and show only specific Membership Categories for attendance check-in:

Click the Check-In button next to any student name to check them in at any time. Once they have been signed-in, the box will change to "Checked In."

PLEASE NOTE: The "Check in" button will reset after 30 minutes to allow for additional sign-ins!

Click the white "Checked In" box to cancel a check-in for a student.

View your student's current progress (towards their next rank) under their name:

And confirm the check-in under their All Customers > Participants > Programs > Participant Name > Attendance Details:

Attendance Dashboard

Your Attendance Dashboard stats will update every 24 hours to reflect the check-ins from the day before!

What's Next?

Made a mistake or need to check-in a student for a past date? Learn how to add or delete attendance for your students manually here!

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