For Open Enrollment Memberships:

You can place members on hold by clicking on Buyers name > Edit > Status > On Hold

You can then "Pause All Payments Immediately" or "Schedule Payment Pause Date"
When scheduling the pause date, you will only be able to choose the dates that the membership fee takes out.

For the Payment Resume Date, if you set it to "No set resume date" then the member will remain on hold until you place them back to the active status.
You can set a resume date and chose the month the payments will start again.

** NOTE: You can not change the resume date while the member is on hold. If you wish to change this, place the member back to the Active status. Follow the steps again with the new resume date.

For a Custom Structure Memberships (Or Structure With an End Date):

If you would like to keep the payments and make sure that the member is still able to attend the months they miss you can adjust the end date within membership details while leaving his membership active. Click on buyers name > Membership details > edit > Click the pencil next to Membership end date and adjust end date accordingly. This will not add payments onto these dates; it simply adds more months to their membership.
You may then place the member on hold and resume in how many months you added to the end date, it will simply adjust the payments after the member becomes active once more. Buyers name > Edit > Status > Hold with Resume date.

For Example: A member had payments left from June to December, but needs to be placed on hold for the month of June.

You would change the end date from December 31 to January 31.

Then change the status to on hold and resume the payments on July 1.

When the membership is back to active, the payments will move from July to January.

*** NOTE: To Cancel a On Hold member:

  • If you are trying to cancel a member that is ¬†currently on hold, you must first edit status to active, save then update to cancel.¬†
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