The Signature feature in Memberships is only available in the following sections of MyStudio.

  1. Point of Sale
  2. Membership URL 
  3. Web app

Here is how it functions! To see how Signatures work in Events CLICK HERE!

The member will need to click "submit" before the can click "Pay Now". This signed waiver form is sent to the member by email in a pdf receipt within the confirmation email.

**NOTE: For now, signatures are not available yet for the following platforms, 

  1. Native MyStudio MObile App and White Label Apps

However PDF waiver forms are saved in their membership profile for easy download, print and sign or an electronic time stamp will still work the same way. 

For the members who register via app or who are manually entered through the backend click the buyers name > Membership Details > Download.

Their form will show as "Digitally Signed" with a time stamp.

After downloading it as a PDF, you can update the date below the signature to show when the member digitally signed the waiver.

** NOTE: For members who have previously registered. You can upload a previously signed waiver pdf file to the buyers membership details section.

When you are registering a member from the back-end, click here to learn more.

When transferring a member, click here to learn more.

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