Set up your Class/Appointment scheduler and allow your students to sign up for your classes or schedule an appointment.

To get started, go to Class Scheduler and click on Class/Appointment Types.

You will first need to "Add a Class/Appointment Type". If you have not added any class/appointment types, you will be automatically prompted to.

Make your Classes/Appointments Live

Turn "ON" your Class/Appointment schedule for your classes to be live.

You can set your scheduler to Public so that anyone can register using your Class Schedule URL or you set it to private, and members will need to either create an account or log in to view it.

Navigating Class/Appointment Types

Once you have Class/Appointment Types, you can navigate between your Live classes (#1), Drafts (#2), and Completed/Deleted classes (#3).

Unpublish/move your classes to drafts at any time by going to Live > Edit > Unpublish

And publish your drafts at any time by going to Drafts > Edit > Publish

View any Completed or Deleted classes and either edit them or duplicate them.

Duplicates will appear within your Drafts section.

Sort the Canceled/Deleted classes by all Classes/Appointments or just a specific date range.

While editing, republish your event again at any time.

Adding a New Class/Appointment Type

Click the green "Add Class/Appointment Type" to add a new class.

Name the class/appointment type and click "Add".

Step 1: Settings

Once you click "Add" you will then be taken to your settings screen.

From here, edit your class title and add a class/appointment subtitle.

Use the first toggle to enable/disable member registration functionality (#1), enable/disable sending registration confirmation emails to the studio (#2), and hiding/showing class/appointment times when full or blocked (#3).

  1. Enabling member registration functionality allows your customers to register themselves for classes.

    Turning it off will keep your schedule as view-only with no registrations. See how your members register for classes here!
  2. Enabling registration confirmation emails means that you will receive a confirmation email for all class registrations at your MyStudio email and any additional emails for MyStudio notifications.

    If this is turned off, you will not receive the confirmation emails but your students still will.
  3. Choosing to hide a class/appointment time when full or blocked will remove it from your schedule once all spaces have been filled

    Leave this turned off to still show classes so your students can see why they are unable to register for classes. Learn more about our block out dates here!

You can also enter your waiver form that members will need to click "agree" to before they can register but this is optional.

Leaving this section blank means that your members will not need to click "Agree" before signing up for class.

Step 2: Set View Restrictions

Use this section to allow only specific memberships/trial members to view this class/appointment, or allow all members/potential members to be able to view it.

Choose to allow all or none of your memberships and/or trials...

or customize your restrictions as needed.

If this is selected, anyone outside your view restrictions will receive this message when trying to register for a class:

You can also choose to hide this class/appointment from anyone who does not have access, removing it from view on the class/appointment calendar.

If you want to allow everyone to view your class/appointment type, set the view permissions to "No".

Once you have your viewing restrictions set, click "Save".

Step 3: Class/Appointment Times

First, select the Availability as "Ongoing" or "Specify Start/End Date".

If you select "Ongoing" the class time will continue to show on the class schedule at the specified date/time every week until removed.

If you select "Specify Start/End Date", you will enter in the dates this class time is available.

Next you will fill in the details of this class time.

Specify the class/appointment start and end time.

Choose Schedule: Weekly Recurring and pick which days of the week your class will be. More options for this will be coming soon!

Use the toggle to Set Capacity on or off. When this is off, an unlimited number of students can register for your class.

Once turned on, select your class capacity and choose to show spaces remaining to your students registering for classes or not.

If this is turned on, students will see the remaining capacity listed like this:

Lastly, update your customers on the class/appointment location. This can be an address or even a specific zoom link if you would like.

While registering, your students will see the zoom link or location listed here:

And then here in their confirmation email:

Click "Save" when you're done.

Please Note: If you have the same class with different times on different dates you will need to create a separate class/appointment time for that class:

To delete a time, click "Edit" on the time slot and click "Delete Time".

Click "Back" at any time to return to the full Class/Appointment Types menu.

Your classes are now all set up and ready to go! If you want more information on how to manage your class members once they've registered, please CLICK HERE!

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