What does it look like for your members? Watch this video, or see the step by step below:

Members will open the Class Scheduler from the left side menu by clicking the three lines in the top right corner then selecting "Class Schedule".

They will be be asked which class they would like to see the times for.

Then it will open up that calendar.

They can choose a date by clicking the calendar icon to the right.

Once the member selects the date it will be the first date shown on the calendar.

The member can click on any of the options to register.

Once they click they can choose which participant is registering for the class. (Or they can add a new participant by clicking "Add a new Participant")

Once they select the participant they will be directed to a registration page. They will fill in their info and click "Register"!

**NOTE: If a member does not have access to that specific class or appointment type they will receive an error message that says: "This is not available for your access level".

Learn how to manage your Manage Class Members/Appointments HERE!

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