This automation platform is in beta version, which means that it has gone through full testing of its functionalities. However, due to its complexity, it may still contain bugs in extreme scenarios. Please reach out to us via our support chat if you should encounter any.

NOTE: Custom campaigns are only available for Leads and Trials. It will be coming soon for Memberships. We thank you for your patience and understanding!

Once an email campaign has been sent you can view how many leads have been sent this email and the opened, bounced, and unsubscribed rates right from Custom campaigns.

You can see this information as well in Communications > Sent. The sent section will also show you the Bounced rates.

Easily edit, clone or delete your campaign, by toggling the arrow down on "Action"

To see how many leads entered, are currently in, and have exited the campaign, click on the campaign or click edit. This information will display in Step 1.

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