To manage your Trial Options, go to Trials and click the Options on the left side menu.

In the bottom left corner of each option, there are different buttons to manage the trial option.

  1. Manage Members: Pull up the list of trial members in this option. Here is where you can message or email the trial members. You can also edit the members profiles by clicking the buyer's name.

2. Edit Option: Edit any of the 4 steps in the trial option.

  • For more details on these steps, please click here.

3. Export Member CSV File: This file will contain all the members information entered into the trial option.

4. Copy Option URL Link: You can promote this Trial option by using this link on social media or your website. You can also send this link through email to members.

5. Duplicate Trial Option: If you need a new option that is similar to another, you can copy it and edit the different changes you need. This will help not having to create an option from scratch.

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