To create a new Trial Option, go to Trials and select Options on the left side menu.

This will pull up your Trial Options. Click "Add new trial option".

You can create your own or choose one of our templates.

Our Trial Option Templates are: 1 Free Class Trial, 2 Week Trial, and 4 Week Trial.

When you create your own option, you will first fill out the details.

  1. Title your option
  2. Provide a Subtitle (optional)
  3. Upload an image for the trial
  4. Add a description

Registration redirect URL (optional):

  • Work with your web developer to create a THANK YOU page that your website will be directed to once they register for a Trial. Add your Google analytics code and Facebook pixel to this page, to track your marketing campaign's effectiveness.
  • Once this page is created, you can easily add the THANK YOU page URL into your Trial program set up within MyStudio to automate this process.

Sample thank you page

Insert THANK YOU page URL as seen here

You will then save and go to Step 2: Pricing.

  1. Add your price, if any, to your option
  2. Select the number of Day(s) or Week(s) for the length of the program
  3. You can add a Discount code for this trial
  4. You will enter in the amount of the discount then select add.

Select Save and move to Step 3: Registration Fields

This is where you will enter in any extra information you would like the member to fill out when registering for this trial.

The First and Last name fields can not be removed. If you do not want to have the Date of Birth on the registration, you can Disable it so it is not visible in the registration form. Any other fields added by you can be edited and removed.

The last section is Step 4: Waiver and Agreements.

You will add any information the member needs to agree to when registering for this trial here. Then hit save.

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