Below will show you what the member sees when they choose to reschedule or cancel a class registration.

When a member has scheduled an appointment/class they receive a confirmation email. Within that email, there is a button for the member to "cancel" or "reschedule".

When they click this button they will be taken to a separate page that gives them the option to cancel or to reschedule.


If they click reschedule they will be taken to the scheduler for that particular class

Once they choose their class they receive a confirmation with a "reschedule" button.

Once they reschedule they receive the below message.

A second confirmation fr the new time will be sent to their email.


From their confirmation email they will click "Cancel or Reschedule" then they will select "Cancel".

A message will ask them if they are sure.

After they click yes, they will be prompted to choose a new date.

After they register for a second date, they receive a confirmation email showing the new time, as well as an email that shows their registration was canceled successfully.

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