Customize your Trial Status and conversion system.

You will automatically have 4 trial statuses: Active, Enrolled, Cancelled, and Did not start.

Active: All newly enrolled trials are assigned this status.

Enrolled: This is designated as the winning status (when a new trial is registered).

Canceled: This is designated as a loss status (when a trial cancels).

Did Not Start: This is designated as a loss status (When I Trial does not start their trial/a no-show).

See how to add New Statuses below:

NOTE: All "Additional Statuses" will be counted as an active trial. This means they are not counted in your trial conversion rates toward wins or losses.

Add additional statuses by clicking "Add additional status".

Type in the status that you wish to have > click the save button.

Sort your additional statuses by clicking and dragging on the "move" icon.

**Note: Because additional statuses are Subsets of on active trial you will only be able to sort them underneath the "Active" section.

Once an additional status is added, the status will show in the "Trial Conversion" section of your dashboard.

It will also show in your Trials > Members > Trial members. Once clicking your added status, it will show you the members that are in that section.

Easily update a member to that status by clicking from Trials > Members > Member name > Edit > Status - Pencil Button > Status of choice.

You will be asked if you are sure. Click "OK".

That member will show up in that respected list within Trials > Members, and within the trial conversion on your dashboard!

Your customized Trial status will be applicable in custom campaigns as well!

To learn more about setting up a trial custom campaign, please CLICK HERE!

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