Once the data from your Membership Migration is imported you can manage the members who are pending migration in the "Pending Migration" tab.

Buyer's Name

Clicking on each Buyer's name will show you more details of the membership.

From there, you can update or edit your Participants information:

View their upcoming payment information:

NOTE: The next payment date is automatically adjusted while your member is in the Pending Migration list. If your member does not update their billing method 6 days before their next payment date, the system will automatically update that billing date to the next month.

And also manually update the payment information:

Automated Migration Email

You can edit the automation email, pause/start the automated migration email process, and also resend the Automated Migration Email at any time using the "Send Migration Email" button.

Learn more about the Automated Migration Email here. **link to new article once published**

Activate Membership

Manually activate memberships early (without updated payment information) using the Activate Membership button:

After clicking you will see this message:

Continue to see this message:

NOTE: Selecting YES will send the Automated Migration Email to your member to update their payment information. Selecting NO will activate the membership without sending the email.

You can now view your active member by clicking Members > Active:

NOTE: Once a member is active, you can still update their payment manually or send your members a link to update their payment method via email.

Manually update their payment method on your backend control panel by clicking on the Buyer's name > Edit > Click the pencil next to the payment method:

Send your member an email with the link to update their payment method by clicking the Buyer's name > Edit > Click “Send link for user to update payment method”:

Other Miscellaneous Options

In addition to the features above you can also send emails to one, all, or some of your Pending Migration members:

Export one, all, or some of your members to a .csv file:

Or delete one, all, or some of your Pending Migration members at any time:

You can also continue to import another list of members to the system at any time:

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