Search Participants allows you to easily cancel or reschedule and view all registrations, previous, and upcoming registrations, and registrations within a date range!

To see a list of classes that a participant is registered to, from the control panel go to Class Scheduler > Search Participants.

Search a participant's name and get a list of all their registered classes.

In the list of the participant's classes, you can View Roster, Cancel, or Reschedule each class.

When you select "View Roster", A roster list for that class will populate.

To cancel the registration:

Click Cancel > Are you sure you would like to cancel? - Yes.

You will receive a cancellation successful message!

**NOTE: Registrant will receive a confirmation email of the cancellation.

To reschedule classes:

Click Reschedule > This will take you to the class schedule > Select the desired class



**NOTE: Registrant will receive a confirmation email of the reschedule.

Filter the classes for the participant by clicking the toggle down button, choose Upcoming, All, Previous, or Date Range. All will show a list of all participants.

Date Range: Select Date Range > Search Participant > Enter desired dates > "Filter".

Previous: Select Previous > Search Participants name and all previous registrations will show.

Upcoming: Select Upcoming > Search Participant > List will show all upcoming registrations for this class.

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