Learn more about how to manually update your customer's payment methods for them in MyStudio.

Update Future Payment Methods

Manually update your customer's primary credit card on file by going to All Customers > Buyer Profile > Info.

Click "Add New Card" and manually input the card's information.

PLEASE NOTE: ACH payment updates can only be done by your customers because this involves sensitive bank information - learn more about ACH Bank Draft and updating a Current Payment method to ACH here.

Clicking Add New Bank Account will prompt you to send an update link to the customer.

Update Recurring Payment Methods

Manually update your customer's recurring membership payments by going to Memberships > Buyers Name > Edit > the pencil next to the payment method.

Select payment method that you wish to update - "Manual" is for cash or check.

PLEASE NOTE: Just like the All Customers section, ACH payment updates can only be done by your customers.

After selecting Credit Card, you can manually input the card information for the customer.

Once you have finished entering in the information, click update and this will attach the new payment method to this membership and its all future recurring payments.

PLEASE NOTE: if there are any failed payments, you will still need to go in and rerun the payment after manually updating the payment method.

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