View, edit, and manage your Participants' Profiles including:

  • Send emails, push messages, or SMS texts to one, multiple, or all participants

  • Add new registrations for participants

  • Add a Participant photo/image

  • And see your participants' full registration history, payments, notes, and custom fields.

Participant Profiles


From the All Customers > Participants > All section, click on a green Participant name to be taken to their Participant Profile.

It will automatically open to the Summary page:

View the total payments made just for this participant and see how long they have been a participant at your studio

From here, you can click the gray camera icon to add an image of your member!

At any point, click the green Primary Customer's name to be taken to their buyer profile.

This is the Primary Customer and Buyer Profile that your participant is listed under:

Learn more about Primary Customer Buyer Profiles here!


Expand or contract different registration categories as needed to view the registration details.

Click on a Membership to view the membership details for this participant.

From here you can:

  • Download the participant's agreement and waiver for this membership

  • View the participant's Payment Details

  • And update the Payment Method for this membership

PLEASE NOTE: ACH can only be added by your customers. Click "Use a bank account" to send an ACH update link directly to the buyer -- Learn more about ACH Bank Drafts here!

When adding a card, you may only add a NEW payment method.

Customers will need to apply an existing payment method to a recurring payment themselves through their app -- Learn more about how customers can update their payment methods here!

Click on an Event registration or Trial registration, to be taken to that respective registration page:


Click Payments to see the full Payment History in including all Past Due, Upcoming, and processed payments.

Click the green Payment Date on any payment to be taken to the registration page's Payment Details:

Learn more about how to handle Past Due payments here!


Use the Notes section to add any specific notes or relevant information for this member.

Click Add Note to compose a new note:

And then view all notes for this participant, including the date the note was added:

Custom Fields

In the Custom Fields section, you will see your saved custom fields available:

Click on the text box below to input the response to the custom field.

Click Update when done to view your answers:

These answers will now be visible in your All Customers > Participants section:

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