Add Drop-in Pricing to Your Classes/Appointments

Add drop-in pricing to your classes/appointments, customize the price, and waive the fee as needed for your members and trials

Add drop-in pricing for your classes/appointments, customize the fee, display it on your class schedule, and waive the fee (as needed) for specific trials/memberships.


To get started, go to Services and Products > Classes & Appointments:


Step 1: Add a new class or edit an existing one



Step 2: Navigate to the Registration page.


Step 3: Turn drop-in pricing on


Step 4: Waive Drop-in Price Fees (Optional)

After you have turned on drop-in pricing, you can choose to waive the fee for specific membership programs/trials.


If this is turned off, all students will be charged the same drop-in price, regardless of their membership or trial program.


If this is turned on, then choose the specific memberships and trials that you do not want to pay the drop-in fee:

PLEASE NOTE: If fees are waived for certain programs/trials, your students will be asked to log into the app before registering for the class:


Students who do not have the fee waived will see the checkout page as normal with the drop-in pricing...


And students who do have the fee waived will see $0 at checkout along with a note:



Step 5: Set the Drop-in Fee Price

Navigate to your Class/Appointment Times, input your drop in price, and choose to display that price on the class schedule or not:


If "Show Drop-in Price" is turned on, your students will see the price listed when signing up for classes:



Step 6: Tax Rate/Processing Fees

Set your tax rate and choose to pass on or absorb the payment processing fees by going to Services and Products > Classes & Appointments > Settings > Tax and Processing Fees -- Learn more about your Class Schedule Settings here!



Step 7: Enable/Disable Cancellations and Refunds for Classes (as needed)

Also under Settings, choose to allow customers to cancel and reschedule your classes.


PLEASE NOTE: This setting will affect all your classes, whether they have drop-in pricing or not.


If cancellations are enabled, when a student cancels a class with drop-in pricing, they will receive a pop-up and they will be refunded their class fee.


If your students reschedule a class with drop-in pricing, the old fee will be refunded and any new fee (for the new class they switch to) will be charged separately.


PLEASE NOTE: If Cancellations/Rescheduling is turned off, you can still manually cancel a students class and issue refunds as needed


You can also manually reschedule a students class and issue refunds as needed:



And that's it - you've successfully added drop-in pricing for your class/appointment!