Add SMS Texting To Your Account

Enable sms texting for your account and send texts to your members and customers


Add SMS Texting to your account and send SMS text messages to your customer's phones.




To add SMS Texting to your account go to My Account > Plan and Billing > and click "Learn More" to begin the Add On process.


You can also do this from Communications > Mobile Messages > click on the "Enable SMS Texting" button > click Learn More.


While adding SMS Texting, select a phone number from the drop-down menu. This will be the number your members see when they receive a text from you!


Once Texting has been added to your account, you will see the button has been changed to "Added" and is grayed out.


And you can now view your available SMS Usage and phone number for SMS Texting under Communications > Mobile Messaging here:


PLEASE NOTE: You receive 500 new SMS texts each month. There is an added fee for additional texts used beyond 500 and unused texts do NOT transfer to the next month, they re-set.