Class/Appointment Types Overview

A quick overview of everything in your class/appointment types section including adding new classes and navigating existing classes

The Class/Appointment Types section of your Class Scheduler, allows you to add and customize your Class Schedule for your members:

  • Publish, un-publish, and delete classes

  • Set drop-in pricing

  • Restrict access and sign-ups to certain memberships and trials

  • Apply class registrations against member's attendance limits

  • Set class capacity... and MORE!

To get started, go to Services and Products > Classes & Appointments:


Please Note: You will first need to "Add a Class/Appointment Type". If you have not added any class/appointment types, you will be automatically prompted to.



Navigating Class/Appointment Types

Visit "Settings" under your Classes and Appointments to turn "ON" your Class/Appointment schedule for your classes to be live.


You can set your scheduler to Public so that anyone can register using your Class Schedule URL or you set it to private, and students will need to either create an account or log in to view it.


Easily copy your Class/Appointment URL from this same section as well.


You can also navigate between your Live classes, Drafts, and Completed/Deleted classes from the left-side menu.


Unpublish (move your Live classes to Drafts) at any time by going to Live > Edit > Unpublish


And publish your drafts at any time by going to Drafts > Edit > Publish


View any Completed or Deleted classes under Completed/Deleted and either edit them or duplicate them.


PLEASE NOTE: Duplicates will appear within your Drafts section.


Sort the Completed/Deleted classes by all Classes/Appointments or just a specific date range.


While editing a Completed/Deleted class, republish your event again at any time.



Adding a New Class/Appointment Type

Please Note: This is a quick overview on how to navigate the different sections of adding a new class/appointment -- For a Step-by-Step guide to this process, please check out our walk-through article here!


Click the green "Add Class/Appointment Type" to add a new class and name it.


Once you click "Add" you will be taken to your Details screen.



  • Edit your class title and add a class/appointment subtitle

  • Enable/disable member registration functionality

  • Enable/disable sending registration confirmation emails to the studio

  • Hide/show class/appointment times when full or blocked -- Learn more about our block out dates here!

  • And enter your agreement & waiver (this is optional)

After clicking "Save" click down to the next section...



  • Turn drop-in pricing on or off and waive drop-in fees for specific membership programs/trials as needed -- Learn more about drop-in pricing here!

  • Set Registration Access to allow only specific memberships/trials to view this class

  • Hide this class from anyone who does not have access as needed

  • And use program attendance requirements to restrict registrations for members/trials based on the attendance limits of their specific program.

Click "Save" and go down to the next section...


Class/Appointment Times

Please Note: if you do not have Drop-in Pricing turned on or program attendance requirements, your screen will look like this:


  • Specify a start/end date for your class or make it ongoing

  • Set the start/end time of your class and the days of the week it's hosted

  • Set your drop-in pricing (if applicable)

  • Add Class/Appointment weight (if applicable)

  • Turn-on and set your class capacity and show the spaces remaining

  • And update your customers on the class/appointment location. This can be an address, room number, or a specific zoom link.

Click "Save" when you're done to publish the class you added.



Edit Existing Class/Appointments

Once you've added a specific class/appointment time to your class/appointment, you can edit it, delete it, or add a new time.


Please Note: This is a different day and time for the SAME class - to add a different class you will need to navigate back and add a new class/appointment.


To delete a time, click "Edit" on that time slot and click "Delete Time".



Click "Back" at any time to return to the full Class/Appointment Types menu.