Editing Class/Appointment times

Learn how to reschedule an appointment and send an email to your class participants.

Need to change your class/appointment time? No problem!


Click Class/Appointment Types


Click Edit on the Class/Appointment Type you wish to edit.


Go to Class/Appointment Times > Edit on the class time you wish to change


Change the class/appointment time as needed and click save.


If nobody is registered for this class yet, your changes will be automatically made.


If anybody is registered for this class, you will receive this pop-up asking you to confirm the time change. Click "Continue".


You will then receive a message asking if you would like to send your participants an email notification of the time change. If yes, click "Yes". If no, click "No".


If you click "Yes" your participants will receive an email like this!



And that's it! Your new class time will be reflected on the class schedule when your students register!