Know where to spend on marketing
Instincts and gut feelings are good indicators, but data never lies.
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Know where to spend on marketing and make better data-based decisions

We do not track the number of leads that we get. Our team only tracks the number of trials that sign up with us. As a result, this keeps our KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) simple and easy for everyone to understand.

Here is a screenshot showing all of the trials that we have enrolled at one of our locations since January 1st of this year

Shopping centers (ranked 1st)

Knowing that location is one of the highest drivers of success, we chose to pay more rent to open our new location in the best shopping center in that town.

Member referrals (2nd)

This information re-emphasized the importance of producing a good product for our customer, as well as hiring and training the right team members for each location.

Google search (3rd)

Having this data allowed us to make the decision to focus more of our resources toward Google ads compared to Facebook ads.

Groupon (4th)

Some people say don't do Groupon as the people buying those deals will not continue onto memberships. For us, the data showed that it was too valuable NOT to do it.

It's simple. Get your student to bring 10-15 of their friends to their birthday party at your studio, give each one of them a sweet offer, and sign them up on the spot.

Instincts and gut feelings are good indicators, but data never lies.

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