—  The purpose of this part of the process is to ensure that we can get access to your newly enrolled Google Developer account to upload your app and update it in the future.

—  Please make sure you do this from a laptop or desktop. Do not do this from a mobile device such as a mobile phone or tablet.

1.   Using your ORIGINAL Google Play email login you initially enrolled in to the Google developer program with (NOT THE NEW GMAIL YOU CREATED), Log in to your Google Play Developer account here.

2.  Click Settings on the left hand menu. Click Developer Account.

3.  Click API access.

4.  Click ACCEPT ALL if there's a pop up.


6.  Scroll to the bottom of the page and click CREATE NEW SERVICE ACCOUNT.

7.   Do not click DONE yet, please click Google Cloud Platform.

8.  Click the box to agree to the Terms of Service and then click ACCEPT.

9.  Make sure your window is wide enough so that you can see + CREATE SERVICE ACCOUNT at the top.

10.  Click + CREATE SERVICE ACCOUNT at the top.

11.  Type the name of your organization for the Service Account Name.

12.  Leave description blank.

13.  Click Create

14.  Select a role and choose Service Account > Service Account User. 

15.  Click Done.

16.  Click on the key link that was just created :

17. Click Add Key, then select ' Create new key'.

18.  Select JSON, Click Create.

19.  A notice pops up, "Private key saved to your computer," and a JSON file is downloaded automatically.

20.  Note where this is downloaded. You will need to upload this for your White Label submission)

21.  Click close on the Private Key Saved to Computer dialogue box.

22.  In the URL box at the top of your browser, navigate to: https://play.google.com/apps/publish

23. Click Settings

24. Developer Account >Click API Access

25.  Click on Grant Access for the newly added service account

26.  Scroll down to the " Account Permissions" . Put a checkmark next to " Admin ".

27.  Click Invite user at the bottom of the page. Click " Send invite".

STEP 28.     Navigate back to your MyStudio Control Panel  >  My Account  >  Custom App Setup

From your the Custom App Dashboard > Upload your JSON file at the last step in your checklist.

After uploading your JSON file, then click SUBMIT AND BUILD MY APP

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