Membership categories are used to easily separate specific programs of your business, such as Kids Programs and Adult Programs. Within each category, you can  add different membership options for payment amount and frequency.

  • Title & Sub-Title - add clear titles and subtitles so the customer knows they are in the right place. *Remember these customers are typically just getting on-boarded to your school so make it clear and understandable so they can go through the purchase process with ease, on their own when ready. 

  • Membership Category URL - use this link to share this specific membership category in any of your marketing channels - messaging your customers, loading it up on a kiosk in your lobby, etc. *reminder you have a main membership list URL from your LIVE membership list as well. Use this link to integrate membership options into a member site, share however you see fit or load up for a kiosk in lobby. 

  • Preview - on right side you will see how this displays on a mobile device when viewed in the app or when they click the link

  • Video Promo URL - paste a video URL here so a customer can play a short video that you created to educate them and build excitement for this membership

  • Description Section - Give a overview in text/copy, great place to include any Family Member sign up details, discount code triggers, etc

  • Action Buttons - Manage this membership category. Delete, Save, Publish, un-publish, etc

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