Welcome to White Label! 

The White Label set up process involves you owning your own app on the Apple App Store and Google Play app store. 

STEP 1   Before you get started, Apple now requires a 24-48 hour waiting period after you enroll into the Apple Developer Membership. Please first complete the steps in this guide to enroll into the Apple Developer Program. 

STEP 2   Please schedule a meeting with one of our White Label Team members so that we can assist you with getting started: https://mystudiosupport.as.me/schedule.php.

STEP 3   Customize your White Label app

STEP 4   Launch the MyStudio app and Member Web App to your members right away so that your members can purchase and access resources immediately as your White Label is built (can take a few weeks to go live on the app stores.

How to Share the MyStudio APP
Provide your members with these download links for the MyStudio app
MyStudio Apple app
MyStudio Google app

Don't forget to provide them with your Studio Code found in the Control Panel Menu.

How to Share the Member Web App
Copy and paste your Member Web App URL from your Control Panel Menu.

STEP 4   After you've launched your MyStudio and Member Web apps, then continue your White Label Setup at www.mystudio.app > My Account > White Label App Setup

STEP 5   Complete your White Label check off list by clicking on "My Account" from your control panel. 

Follow the directions for each of the steps provided on your white label dashboard.

We are available to help you if you are stuck with any step. Our live chat team can help you in real time between the hours of 9am - 8pm EST. Click the chat button on the lower right hand corner.

Or sign up for a one-on-one session with us here.

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