This option allows you to sell a membership option that has a total membership fee, with a payment plan or paid in full, has an end date or expire date. Does not auto renew.  Let's review basic setup details first then below we cover the specific details to setup this type of option. 

  1. Make sure that you are adding this membership option to a membership category -- such as Tiny Tigers or Kickboxing Fitness -- instead of making each membership option its own Category.

  2. The Agreement section of the Membership Category is where you can provide legal language for customers to sign, agree to your membership agreement terms, the auto-renewal policies if applicable, and cancellation procedures (consult your legal representative for help with your agreement).

When users register for any membership, a copy of the agreement that they sign and accept will be attached with their registration confirmation.

Click on Step #5 Membership Options within the Membership Category set up to add a new Membership Payment Option.

Click "Add Membership options". 

Now see below for setting up a Custom Membership for a 12 month agreement with a payment plan.

Be sure to provide simple and clear descriptions for users in the Details section shown below. This way, they know exactly what they are buying.

Step 1: Shown below

Step 2: Payment & billing setup details

#1 - Structure should be set to Custom
#2 - (optional)add a Sign up fee, this would in addition to the membership fee and collected/due at time of registration always
#3 - Total membership fee should be the TOTAL amount you want to collect for this membership option
#4 - Setup expire date. Choose YES and select 12 Months. This would be different for different custom term membership length options, 24 month, 36 month, etc. This expire date is always calculated based off membership start date
#5 - Billing option. Be sure to choose payment plan. For paid in fulls, choose paid in full
#6 - Deposit is set to zero, any amount you put here would always be taken at time of registration and will lower the balance due from the total membership fee.
#7 - Number of payments needs to 12
#8 - Payment start date should be same as membership start date.

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