Organization Developer Account: Step 3
Creating an App Manager role and share it with MyStudio
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  1. Create a NEW Google email.  DO NOT use an OLD GMAIL address as we will not be able to access your account to upload new builds.

Type your first and last name, choose any username, and choose your password.

  • DO NOT specify a phone number or recovery email address.

  • Finish the remaining steps to create your new GMAIL email account.

2. Log in to Apple Developer account and invite the new GMAIL email account

  • Log in to Apple Developer with your original Apple ID. (Do NOT enter the GMAIL email account you just created)

  • Click Account in the top right and log in.(Log in with your original Apple ID. Do NOT enter the GMAIL email account you just created)

  • Click People in the menu on the left (If you do not see the People menu option, then you are likely registered as an individual account. Please follow the steps for an Individual Account.

  • Click Go to App Store Connect.

  • Click the + icon

  • Fill out your name

  • For Email, SHARE ACCESS with the new GMAIL email you just created. 

  • Enter the NEW GMAIL you just created under email. DO NOT use your original GMAIL (USE the new GMAIL you created).

  • Under ROLES > Select APP MANAGER

  • Under Developer Resources, select Access to Certificates.

  • Click invite.

  • Log in to GMAIL with the new GMAIL email username you created.

  • Open the invite email that Apple sent. (If you do not see an email from Apple, then go back to Apple developer — Invite people — click the new GMAIL email you added — At the top in blue at the top, click resend.

  • Click Accept or View Invitation in the email body.

  • Create Your APPLE ID: Fill out the form.

  • Specify a password and note this password somewhere because our team will need this. We recommend using the same password you chose for your NEW GMAIL login.

  • Check your new GMAIL email for the verification code if prompted.

  • Click Accept to the Apple Terms of Service

3. EMAIL the App Manager Apple ID and password that you just created to 


'Your App Name' App Manager Credentials

This will allow us to fully manage and update your app.

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