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Disable Member App Access
Disable Member App Access
Learn how to disable a cancelled members app access
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If for any reason you need to disable a member's app access - go to All Customers > Search bar - Name > click the check box next to the buyer's name > icon menubar - Disable Member Portal Access Icon.

If a member's member app access has been disabled you will see the member app icon will have a red line through it.

Made a mistake or need to give a member who was previously disabled from member app access, accessibility? Don't fret this CAN be undone!

Click the buyer's name and go to their Buyer Profile:

Underneath the buyer's name click the member app access icon on the left-hand menu bar >

A Dialog box will populate. The button will say "Enable Access" Click "enable Access" and then click "OK".

The member will now have access to the member app!

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