Failed Payment Automation System

MyStudio sends automated failed payment emails and notifies members to update their payments

Learn more about how MyStudio automatically updates your members and customers to their failed payments.


Automated Email System

When a scheduled payment fails, your customers will get an automated email with a link for easy payment information update.


Once they update their payment method directly from this email, the failed payment will automatically process again.


This email is sent every 3 days until the customer successfully updates their payment method.


PLEASE NOTE: For all memberships and payment plans that have "Manual" set as the designated payment method, this email is sent without the "Update Payment Info" button.


Your customers will need to bring their cash/check payment to the studio, where you can mark the invoice as paid, which will stop the automatic emails -- learn more about how to manually handle past due payments here!


Automated App Notification

In addition to the automated email, when your customer logs into the web app or the mobie app, a pop-up window will appear letting them know which payments failed and prompting them to update their payment method.


PLEASE NOTE: Your customer will not be able to access the rest of their account without updating their payment method and processing the failed payments!