How To: Merge Accounts to Delete Unwanted Buyer Profiles

How to merge and delete a buyer profile from your All Customers section



Easily Delete an unwanted Customer or incorrect buyer profile from your All Customers section!


In order to delete a Customer that has registrations associated with their buyer profile, that customer will first need to become an additional user.


Here's a quick video tutorial to help you with this process:


Need additional assistance? Please follow these steps to merge and delete a customer from your All Customers section:


First, you will need to find and copy the email address for the buyer profile you wish to merge and delete.


Then click the Customer Name for the correct buyer profile > Info > Add Additional User.


Enter in the information of the second buyer profile (the email you just copied for the profile you wish to delete) and click Save.


You can send an email for the customer to approve this merge or manually merge the profiles.


PLEASE NOTE: If you are attempting to remove an incorrect or fake email address, you will need to just manually merge the profiles!


When you click "Manually Merge Profiles Now", this action can not be undone. Please confirm if you wish to continue this process.


The buyer profile will be updated as an additional user.


And you can see them listed as such in the All Customers section.


You will now be able to select the additional user account and click "Delete Customer".

Once you delete this additional user, it can not be undone. Click YES to continue this process.



All of the registration information connected to the Additional User will be moved to the Primary Account that you merged it with!