How to send SMS Text Messages

Send a SMS text message to your members.

Our SMS text messages are sent as normal texts to your customer's mobile phone!

They will receive a text regardless of if they are logged in to the member app or not.

Sending a text is easy but first, you will need to make sure that you add SMS texting to your account! To find out how to do this, PLEASE CLICK HERE!




Our system allows you to send SMS text messages through Communications, All Customers, Class/Appointment Rosters, and the Business Manager App.


Any place that allows you to send in-app messages to your customers will also allow you to select SMS texting.


Just make sure to click "SMS" at the top of your compose message pop-up to ensure you are sending an SMS message instead of an in-app message!




Send From Communications

To get started, go to Communications > Mobile Messages > Conversations and click the compose button:


Select SMS, add in member(s) names, and type your message. Then hit send.


You will be able to message back and forth with members through our 2-way messaging system.


All messages to a customer will appear here (In-app push notifications, as well as SMS text messages). SMS text messages will be marked with an “SMS” tag at the end of every message.


To send an SMS text message to all your users, you will go to Communication > Mobile Messages > Message All Customers > SMS.



PLEASE NOTE: This will send to ALL customers in your system, including inactive customers.


To send a message to just a select group of customers, please visit your All Customers section or your Class/Appointment Rosters.


Send Outside Communications

Visit any part of your All Customers section (Participants, Primary Customers, etc.) > Select the member(s) you wish to text > then click the icon for Mobile Message:


This will automatically launch the compose message pop-up where you can send your message:


The number of students selected will show as the number of recipients in the "To:" section.


You can also send messages from Operations > Class/Appt Calendar > Appointment Calendar > Select a specific class roster > Mobile Message:




Business Manager App

You can also send SMS messages via the Communications tab in our Business Manager App.


You can compose new SMS messages:


Reply in existing conversations:


And message All Customers this way:


You can also use the All Customers > Buyer Profiles to directly send in an SMS text to your customers:




The ability to send SMS text messages to Leads is coming soon...


SMS vs. In-App Messaging and SMS Usage

When sending an SMS text message to customers who have the ability to receive in-app messages to their app, you will be asked if you would like to send an in-app message to these users instead.


PLEASE NOTE: There is a 500 limit to the text messages you can send monthly.


Sending the in-app messages to users who can receive them will help you stay within your limit. If you go over your 500 monthly limit standard rates and fees will be applied - click here to learn more!


PLEASE NOTE: Any unused texts for the month do NOT transfer to the next month, they re-set back at 500 again.