In-App Messaging / Push Notifications

Unlimited in-app 2-way mobile messaging

In-App Messaging is how you can communicate with your members, customers, and students inside the app itself.


It's unlimited, 2-way communication and (if your customers have notifications turned on) can send push notifications to their phones with important updates or announcements!


Send from Communications

To get started sending In-App/Push Messages, click on Communications > Mobile Messages > Conversations:


Inbox folder shows your past conversations and can be sorted by all (Inbox) Unread, or Sent (where you can search a specific customer and see all past sent communications with them):


Click the compose icon to send a new message to an individual, or a group:


PLEASE NOTE: Messages that are sent to a group and individually responded to by your members will show as a single thread. You will be able to respond to them without including the original group.  


To send a message to all Customers (including non-active users) click on the "Message all users" tab.


You can also schedule this message to your users.



Send Outside Communications

To send a message to specific groups of customers, visit the All Customers section and select a group of customers (from Participants, Primary Customers, etc.). Then clcik the "Mobile Message" button:


This will automatically launch the compose message pop-up where you can send your message:


You can also send messages from Operations > Class/Appt Calendar > Appointment Calendar > Select a specific class roster > Mobile Message:



Business Manager App

You can also send in-app messages via the Communications tab in our Business Manager App.


Just make sure to select IN-APP when composing your message:


You can also use the app to reply in existing conversations:


And message All Customers:


You can also use the All Customers > Buyer Profiles to directly send in an in-app message to your customers: