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Logging Attendance from the Class Scheduler

Update your member's attendance right from the Class Schedule Roster

Use your Class Schedule Roster to quickly and easily update your student's attendance after class!



To update the attendance from your class roster, go to Operations > Class/Appt Calendar > Appointment Calendar > and select the class roster you wish to update.


From here, you will see the Update Attendance button.


View all of your students for the class...


Or narrow it down to all Unmatched and Matched.


Match any unmatched students by clicking the red "Unmatched" text.


Search your participant's name and instantly connect.


You will now see this student set as Matched.

You can choose not to log the attendance for any student by clicking on their green name...


And then clicking Do Not Log Attendance.


You will now see a note for this student confirming that their attendance will not be logged.


Click Log Attendance to go ahead and mark all of your students!


PLEASE NOTE: If you click "Log Attendance" while any student is still Unmatched, the unmatched participant will not have their attendance logged.


Now you can see all of your logged attendance!


Visit your student's Attendance Details (All Customers > Participants > Program > Participant's Name > Attendance Details) to see their attendance. It will specifically say "from class attendance"

If you've made a mistake, you can delete this attendance at any time.


This deletion will show in your class roster's attendance


You can also still log attendance for your students in the Attendance Portal if they were not logged but now need to be.