START HERE: Step-By-Step Custom App Checklist

A checklist of all articles related to getting your Custom App set up, developed, and live.

Interested in creating your own Custom MyStudio App? Awesome!


The Custom App is a great way to brand your studio, so your customers can download an app with YOUR name and YOUR logo on it.


Step 1: Add The Custom App to Your Account

To get started, go to My Account (bottom left-hand corner) > Plan and Billing > and add the Custom App to your membership. There is a $49 fee (per month) for this add-on.


Once it has been added to your account, you will see a new Custom App Set Up section appear in My Account.



Step 2: Apple Developer and Google Developer Accounts


The Custom App set-up process involves you owning your own app on the Apple App Store and Google Play app store. To do this, you will need an Apple Developer account and a Google Developer account.


PLEASE NOTE: Apple does require a 24-48 hour waiting period after you enroll into the Apple Developer Membership so make sure you plan accordingly.


For step-by-step instructions, please check out our Apple Developer and Google Developer account articles!



Step 3: Complete the Steps for Your Apple App

This includes:

  • The Developer Information tab

  • The App Information tab

  • The App Store Information tab

  • and, finally, publishing your Apple App to the store



Step 4: Complete the Steps for your Google App

This includes:

  • The Google App Store Information tab

  • Creating Your Google JSON File and Sharing Google Developer API Access

  • Adding your Skeleton APK Buid and App Metadata to Your Google Play Console

  • and, finally, publishing your Google App to the store



Step 5: Complete Your Firebase and Facebook Developer Set-Up

This includes:

  • Setting up your Firebase account

  • Setting up your Facebook Developer account


Step 6: Share Your Custom App With Your Members

Don't forget to share your custom app download link with your members so that they can download it onto their devices!


We are available to help you if you are stuck with any step. Our live chat team can help you in real time between the hours of 9am - 8pm EST. Click the chat button on the lower right hand corner.