Manually Handle Past Due Payments

Manually rerun past due payments and/or apply a payment credit to clear past due payments

When a customer's scheduled payment fails, they receive an automated email and a pop-up notification on their app -- learn more about failed payment automation here!


However, if needed, you can manually rerun the payment at any time or clear it with a manual credit.


Manually Rerun a Past Due Payment

To view your past due payment go to All Customers > Participants > Programs > Participant's Name > Payments OR Payments > Past Due > Buyer's Name.


To re-run the payment, click "Re-Run Failed Payments:

And then click OK.


Once you click OK the system will try and rerun the payment(s).


You can also click on the payment itself:


Then click "Apply Credit"


And choose how you would like to pay this bill (either adding a manual credit to clear it, marking it as paid via cash or check, or paying by Credit Card):


If the payment continues to fail, please check out these articles:


Manually Clear a Past Due Payment

If you wish to clear a past due payment for any reason, you can apply a manual payment credit.


PLEASE NOTE: A manual payment credit does not affect your net total income and acts as a coupon within MyStudio.


To apply a payment credit, click on the past due credit from the Program Registration > Payments page:

Then click "Apply Credit"


Enter the credit amount desired, make sure you are set to use the credit method "Manual Credit" and click "Apply Credit"


Once you have clicked OK. The payment will be cleared and will show up within the "Manual Credit" section of your payment history.


As well as show in Program Registration > Payments under Payment History:


PLEASE NOTE: You can also use this method to mark a payment as processed via cash or check -- learn more about taking cash/check membership payments here!